Bongani Earring

BLESSINGS jewellery collection - by bisque

Bongani: 'grateful/thankful' : a zulu expression

Jade: The jewel of heaven. Protector of generations.

This African inspired earring design is a double layer of etched two brass arches, swivelling in the middle to create movement when worn. Suspended from these arches are two pure faceted Jade drops.

Light and comfortable to wear.

This collection is by Kathy Brauer, owner of Bisque, drawing from her South African heritage.  One day she thought she would bring her earrings she adorns her ladies with in her painting to life, and this collection is the result.

* Care: This jewellery is made from faceted crystals, semi precious stones and solid brass, our favourite metal. We love the character of brass and how it naturally patinas according to the wearer. It won't lose its colour like gold plated silver.  If it tarnishes slightly, a quick polish will bring the sparkle right back.