This collection was inspired by holidays. Everybody looks more beautiful when on holiday. Glowing, relaxed and happy. Not a care in the world. Here at Bisque we spend a lot of time traveling around the globe on buying trips. We always manage to combine these trips with a good holiday, making the most of being in exotic countries. We designed this collection with this in mind, easy pieces to throw in your suitcase. It’s all very lightweight and breathable, designed to wear in the warmer weather. Wear these pieces over your bathers, or pop a slip under, to wear it out for cocktails or dinner. This is relaxed clothing at its best.And if you don’t have any holidays planned, create your own vibe at home at your next barbecue or beach day. As soon as you put anything on from this collection you’ll immediately feel like good times are here. Design your own life. It’s your call. We are here to invite you on our journey to pursue the absolute quest for fun. Big love.

The bisque team