Chakra Necklace

BLESSINGS jewellery collection - by bisque

Chakra: 'wheel or cycle' : a Sanskrit word.

There are seven main chakras situated along the spine, from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. This age old belief has become integrated into many New Age styles of thought.

A combination of faceted stones and crystals under the umbrella of forged brass, to keep us aligned and at peace.

Crystal Quartz: enhances spiritual growth + wisdom.

Rose Quartz: unconditional love

Lapis: truth + friendship

Green Onyx: intelligence

Citrine: success

Moonstone: inner clarity

Garnet: love + friendship

* Care: This jewellery is made from faceted crystals, semi precious stones and solid brass, our favourite metal. We love the character of brass and how it naturally patinas according to the wearer. It won't lose its colour like gold plated silver.  If it tarnishes slightly, a quick polish will bring the sparkle right back.